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Elfen Lied

Summary: Adults only. Not for the rampant nudity, but for the excessive violence and the rather graphic showcases of the darker sides of human natures.



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Elfen Lied is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Lynn Okamoto. It was originally serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Young Jump from June 2002 to August 2005, with the 107 chapters collected into twelve tankōbon volumes.

A humanoid test subject known as a Diclonius escapes from a lab somewhere, protected by some sort of supernatural powers. She literally paves her way through a sea of blood of her own making and falls into a sea after a failed attempt of stopping her permanently with a sniper.

Some interesting facts about Elfen Lied:

  • After Nana is literally torn apart by Lucy, Kurama, not knowing Nana has disabled Lucy’s vectors, punches Lucy in the face, fully expecting to die and not caring because of how precious Nana is to him.
  • When Mayu gets a new home, a birthday cake, and her dog back in the space of a few panels.
  • Nozomi, grateful for Kouta keeping a secret for her, takes a Yuka-blow the tsundere meant for Kouta.
  • Nana is badly outclassed by Mariko, and becomes a plaything to the cruel little girl—-until Mariko hears Nana call for her ‘Papa’ Kurama, mocking Nana for this and threatening her ‘Papa’ (who is really Mariko’s Papa) Enraged, Nana literally pulls herself together, slapping Mariko around and disabling her vectors when she won’t apologize for her threats.
  • Mariko, realizing that her father always loved her, urges Nana to take care of him and fights Lucy to the death. Badly beaten, she grasps Lucy’s legs before being beheaded, just so the bombs in her body will also take Lucy out when they go off. Best of all, we see Lucy realize that this is about to happen right as she’s beheading Mariko. Very satisfying.
  • Despite being overwhelmed by and badly frightened by the vicious pedophilic Unknown Man, Mayu fights off memories of her stepfather’s rape and keeps the monster busy just long enough to call…
  • Bando, who kicks this guy’s ass and keeps on kicking it even when hit with a spiked poisoned ball—which he then takes out of his own body and shoves it up Unknown Man’s ass!
  • In a subsequent beach battle with Lucy, Bando shows several good tricks, including the ability to dodge Lucy’s vectors. Then when Lucy tries to kill Mayu, Bando takes the blow instead, getting split in half while still taking off Lucy’s horns.

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