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Mirai Nikki

Summary: Really cool thriller style anime.



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Yukiteru Amano is a loner who spends most of his time writing a diary on his cell phone. One day, Yuki’s imaginary friend Deus Ex Machina gives him a special diary which contains entries from 90 days in the future. Furthermore, the teenager now has to participate in a deadly battle royale with other owners of future diaries.

Genre: Psychological, Supernatural, Romance

Yukiteru loves playing around on his phone and has an imaginary friend named Deus. But Deus is not imaginary, and Yuki gets caught up in a strange battle royale type game where the players, all holding phone diaries like Yuki’s, must kill each other off until the final survivor becomes a God. Their diaries each predict the future in different ways, allowing them to evade or capture each other. One of Yuki’s cute classmates, Gasai Yuno, has a diary and is strangely attracted to Yuki for reasons he can’t quite understand…

This show rocked! Yuno is an awesome femme fatale, and all the other characters are well written too…the animation is great and the story action packed and violent (probably not for kids)…Yuki is a bit of a pussy, but he mans up over time…still, you can’t blame him for being a bit hesitant to kill friends and strangers alike…watch this for sure!

Fun fact about Mirai Nikki:

  • Rumors of a Mirai Nikki anime series began in early 2008 with Kôichi Mashimo, Yôsuke Kuroda and Yuki Kajiura being attached.

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